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Serendipity Window V2 | BTS Hinge Enamel Pin

Serendipity Window V2 | BTS Hinge Enamel Pin

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A new, revamped version of my original Serendipity Window design from 2017!

🌙 D E T A I L S 🌙
Hard enamel & soft enamel w/ epoxy
★ 3-part hinge pin with magnetic closures
★ Gold plated
★ 2.2 inches tall
Blue glitter, glow in the dark moons*, screen-printed words
2 back-posts with rubber backings

*Shine a flashlight to the pin to help activate the glow! 🔦 

Please note that enamel pins are handmade and may not be 100% perfect.

🌙 G R A D I N G 🌙
STANDARD/A- GRADE: Best pins in the batch! Little to no flaws.
B-GRADE: Small flaws more visible than standards (small marks, missing enamel in very narrow areas, minor nicks, light scratches, enamel under-fill, etc.)
SECONDS GRADE: Obvious flaws or many small flaws (marks, deeper enamel under-fill, random enamel paint streaks, small areas of missing enamel, wrong enamel color fill, discoloration, etc.).
★ SUPER SECONDS: Obvious flaws worse than usual seconds (discoloration, marks, plating flaws, etc.).
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