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[PRE-ORDER] ULTIMATE SET 32 Mini Pins & Board Fillers | BTS Enamel Pin

[PRE-ORDER] ULTIMATE SET 32 Mini Pins & Board Fillers | BTS Enamel Pin

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Pre-order period has ended; a limited quantity will still be available for pre-order purchase until in-stocks arrive.


  • PO dates: Oct 12 — Oct 19 (12AM ET)
  • Estimated production time: ~4-8 weeks
  • Quality checking + preparing shipments: ~2-3 weeks
  • Estimated PO shipment: January 2023

⭐️ If you purchase pre-order items along with in-stocks, everything will ship only when the pre-order items are ready to be shipped. Please place a separate order for in-stocks if you wish to receive those sooner!

⭐️ Cancellations are accepted until October 19. After that, any cancellation requests will be subject to a fee of 10%. (Pre-orders help fund and determine the quantity of pins that are needed to be produced. Please be fully committed to your pre-order!!!)

🌙  Pre-order grade: Standard/B

Pre-orders will receive the best pins in the batch; as this is an open pre-order and enamel pins are made by hand, there is a chance of getting pins with little flaws. (Pre-order prices are discounted!)

🌙 Please note there may be small color differences with each batch as colors are mixed by hand.

By purchasing a pre-order item, you understand the timelines and agree to these terms.


The full 32 mini pins collection!!!

1ST QTR, MOON, ARMY BOMB glows in the dark (shine a flashlight on them to charge the glow)!

Please note that grading is loose due to the number of different pins in this set (see grading scale below).

🌙 D E T A I L S 🌙
Hard enamel pins
 Multiple plating colors
★ Glow in the dark (1st qtr, moon, army bomb)
0.4~0.8 inches each
1-2 back-posts with rubber backings

Please note that enamel pins are made by hand and will not be 100% perfect.

🌙 G R A D I N G 🌙
STANDARD: Minor to no flaws (can have scuffs, specks, plating imperfections, etc.) upon closer inspection.
 C-GRADE: More visible flaws than standards, not major (e.g. small marks, metal imperfections, deeper enamel under-fill, etc.). No major missing enamel areas! C-grade sets may have some standards mixed in.

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