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MEMBER SETS 4 Mini Pins & Board Fillers | BTS Enamel Pin

MEMBER SETS 4 Mini Pins & Board Fillers | BTS Enamel Pin

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JAN 29 RESTOCK: Please note that there are a few small color differences from the first release due to the handmade nature of producing enamel pins. Video shows the restocks!

*PJM set restocks have a hand color switch (shades are subtle). As there are still some instocks left from the first release, you may pick between the 2.


4 mini pin sets for each member and BTS ARMY!

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1ST QTR, MOON, ARMY BOMB glows in the dark (shine a flashlight on them to charge the glow)!

🌙 D E T A I L S 🌙
Hard enamel pins
 Multiple plating colors per set
★ Glow in the dark (1st qtr, moon, army bomb)
0.4~0.8 inches each
1-2 back-posts with rubber backings

Please note that enamel pins are handmade and may not be 100% perfect.

🌙 G R A D I N G 🌙
STANDARD: Minor to no flaws (can have scuffs, specks, minor plating imperfections, etc.) upon closer inspection.

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