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Hands of Fate TGCF Enamel Pin Set

Hands of Fate TGCF Enamel Pin Set

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Revamp of my first TGCF pin from 2020! This is a set of 2 pins with several effects. Will not be restocked once completely sold out (LE 100).

Pins are loosely graded (see grading scale below).

🌙 D E T A I L S 🌙 
★ Set of 2 pins 
★ Hard enamel 
★ Silver nickel and gold plated 
★ 1.85 inches tall each
★ Screen-printing
★ Pearl effect on HC's vambraces, flower ; XL's butterfly
★ Gradient screenprint on XL's lanterns (due to the size/color this effect is not very noticeable) 
★ Tiny recessed metal detail (XL)
★ Red glow in the dark*: HC's corner butterfly ; XL's lanterns
★ Blue glow in the dark*: XL's butterfly 
★ Double back-posts & shop back-stamped
★ FSC-certified + recyclable + biodegradable backing card with pearl finish

*To activate the glow, shine a flashlight over these areas for at least a few seconds. Due to the small size + combination of effects, the glow effect may not be strong or long-lasting.

🌙 G R A D I N G 🌙
★ STANDARD: Best pins in the batch! No major flaws, but will not be 100% perfect; there may be small flaws.
★ C-GRADE: More obvious flaws. No major missing enamel areas.

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