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CLEARANCE Constellations & Skylines | BTS Iron On Embroidered Patch

CLEARANCE Constellations & Skylines | BTS Iron On Embroidered Patch

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This black & white patch features line art and a sky full of stars (you can pretend it's snow when it's winter time 🌞) with a constellation that spells out BTS.

Patches can be used on anything your heart desires, including but not limited to: shirts, jackets, bags, hats, shorts, etc.!

πŸŒ™ D E T A I L S πŸŒ™
β˜… Embroidered patch with iron-on backing (can also be sewn on!)
β˜… 2.5" wide
β˜… Made of poly blend twill


To iron-on your patch, you will need an iron, ironing board, clean washcloth/towel, your patch & item it will be applied on.

1) Make sure the surface of the item your BTS patch will be on is smooth and wrinkle-free! Set your iron to the appropriate settings.
2) Iron the desired area for about 10 seconds.
3) Place your patch on the pre-heated area, then cover it with a washcloth/towel. Move the Iron over the washcloth/towel in a slow circular motion for about 90 seconds.
4) The patch should be adhered to the item at this point; turn the item inside out and iron the patch again for about 30 seconds in a slow circular motion.
5) Remove washcloth/towel and let the item cool completely.


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