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SLIDING VER. Hope World Airplane Window V2 | BTS Enamel Pin

SLIDING VER. Hope World Airplane Window V2 | BTS Enamel Pin

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A revamp of my Hope World sliding airplane window pin from 2018!

Note: As most of these pins were made very securely with minimal gapping between the layers when displayed, they may not super easily slide up and require a little pressure, including standard grades--please try sliding by placing your finger underneath the top layer pin and pushing up (as shown in the video sample here), or placing your finger over the top pin and sliding up.

🌙 D E T A I L S 🌙 
Hard enamel
★ 2 part sliding pin
 Rose gold plated
 1.8 inches tall
★ Glitter
★ Screen-printed details
2 back-posts with rubber backings

Please note that enamel pins are made by hand and will not be 100% perfect.

🌙 G R A D I N G 🌙
★ STANDARD GRADE: Best pins in the batch! Minor to virtually no flaws.
★ B-GRADE: Small flaws (e.g. small marks, metal imperfections, scuffs, smudges, etc.)
★ SECONDS GRADE: Obvious flaws or many small flaws; more noticeable than b-grades (e.g.: big gapping between the 2 layers of pin, metal imperfections, small wrong enamel color fill, marks, etc.)

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