Over the past handful of years, I have become more conscious of the materials and waste that entails from running a small business. While there are still many aspects of my packaging that are not perfect or the most ideal due to financial constraints or unavailability, using more sustainable, Earth-friendly means where I can is the end goal with HAPPIPOP!


💚 Kraft merchandise bags - recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. My brown paper bags are 100% recycled and of 40% post-consumer content! My white paper bags are not, but are still a green product with the 3 good -able’s mentioned above. : )

💚 Ecoenclose tissue paperrecyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. My white tissue paper is FSC Certified, 100% recycled and of 20% post-consumer content!

💚 Washi tape - eco-friendly. Washi is generally said to be biodegradable and recyclable*! (*Because of my slightly extensive collection of washi tapes from multiple different shops however, it is unclear if every one is of the same level of eco-friendliness.)

💚 Business/backing cards - recyclable. My 2.5”x2.5” business cards and the majority of my backing cards are FSC Certified and made of 30% post-consumer waste!

💚 Ecoenclose kraft paper water activated shipping tape (reinforced) - recyclable and biodegradable.

💚 Ecoenclose zero waste thermal shipping labels (as of Dec 2021) - 100% recycled & curbside recyclable.

💚 Glassine bags - recyclable and biodegradable. In place of plastic bags!

🤍 Kraft bubble mailers - exterior made of 100% recycled kraft paper. Can possibly be recycled if the plastic bubble interior is separated from the kraft paper!

🤍 White tea bags - in place of plastic bags. Reusable!

🤍 Burlap drawstring pouches - made of linen jute, eco-friendly fabric. Reusable!

🤍 All boxes, other drawstring pouches, ribbon, etc. - all reusable!

🤍 There may be times where plastic bags are used due to financial or time constraints--these are always reusable.


💗 I often save the packing materials I get from orders that I place myself and will reuse them for my own packaging! This includes boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. While it may not appear the most aesthetic, it’s always better to extend the life of these typically single-use items.

💗 I reuse shipping label liners as a barrier/holder for business cards and freebies.

💗 My use of plastic is usually minimal! I rarely purchase single-use plastic bags or bubble wrap; you may still see these materials in your packaging as I have leftover stock and also reuse packing materials. Plastic tape is sometimes used as well for quickly sealing mailers—just remember to remove it when recycling!

💗 I reduce the amount of packaging I use where possible. I typically do not bag every single pin/item if I find the extra layer isn’t necessary on top of using paper merchandise bags and a quality mailer.


💜 Upgrade to biodegradable backing cards where possible.

💜 Continue to seek out eco-friendly options!