Release Schedule

*TENTATIVE TIMELINE* - release plans can change due to delays with manufacturing, new additions, etc.

If the item you are looking for is not in the schedule, it means it is either retired or there is no definitive decision on when it will restock yet.


⭐ February/March 2023 ⭐

  • Stock update
    • Butterflies filler set (2/22)
    • BTS fillers collection (to be updated)
    • Lunar Jimin (wip), Joon, Yoongi, JK (3/1)
    • Hands of Fate set (3/15)
  • NEW The Astronaut tee [quotation in process]
  • NEW Super Tuna tee, tote (*on hold)

⭐ January 30, 2023 ⭐

  • Lianlian's Kitchen in-stocks
    • Tees
    • Totes
    • Aprons
    • Misprint sale (totes + aprons)

    ☆ late Dec-Jan ☆

    • BTS Fillers collection restock in-hands [arrived; qc-ing]
    • Butterfly fillers restock in-hands [arrived; qc-ing]
    • Lunar OT7 set restock in-hands
      • Lunar You Jungkook restock [arrived; qc-ing]
      • Lunar Daechwita Yoongi restock [arrived; qc-ing]
      • Lunar Bloom Jimin additional restock [arrived; qc-ing]
      • Lunar Bonsai Namjoon additional /restock [arrived; qc-ing]

    ☆ December 10—18 ☆

    • NEW TGCF Lianlian's Kitchen tee, tote, apron PRE-ORDER
    • NEW Hands of Fate TGCF pins in-hands (1/2)


        As always, please keep up with @happipop on Instagram for specific announcements and updates!

        Last updated March 15, 2023