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Release Schedule

*TENTATIVE TIMELINE* - release plans can change due to delays with manufacturing, new additions, etc.

If the item you are looking for is not in the schedule, it means it is either retired or there is no definitive decision on when it will restock yet.


    October 31 @ 12PM Eastern Time 

    • NEW 32 BTS board fillers [ready]
    • NEW Hualian Buns P4P pins [ready]
    • NEW Silver and Gold Butterfly board fillers [ready]
    • HYYH board fillers restock (new plating colors) [ready]
    • Hualian bracelets small restock
    • NEW vinyl stickers x4 [ready]

    November 27 @ 12AM EST 

    • Memegi pin restock [arrived]
    • 4 O'Clock Window glitter pin restock [arrived]
    • Hualian bracelets restock
    • Silver and Gold Butterfly board fillers restock
    • Snow Flower handmade earrings restock
    • Holiday/Anniversary sale on older stocks!

     January 29 @ 7PM EST 

    • BTS 32 Mini Pins & Board Fillers restock [arrived; prepping]
    • NEW Wangxian Buns P4P enamel earrings (partial stock) [arrived; prepping]
    • NEW Tangerinegi enamel earrings [arrived; prepping]
    • NEW Smeraldo enamel dangling earrings [arrived; prepping]
    • NEW Clouds filler pins [arrived; prepping]
    • Jin & Roses pin restock [arrived; prepping]

    ⭐ mid-late February 

    • Hualian earrings restock (Lucky, Wraith Butterflies, Flower Crown Martial God, Ruoye) [to be made]
    • Wangxian Buns P4P enamel earrings (remaining stock)
    • Hualian bracelet restock [to be made]
    • Mystery filler pin bags
    • necklace

    ☆ ~April 2022 ☆

    • NEW Spring Day enamel keychain
    • NEW Lunar Daechwita pin
    • NEW Banana Moon Banana Fish pin
    • NEW A + E Banana Fish pin set
    • Pink Forever pin restock
    • etc...

    ☆ Other future restocks (TBD) ☆

    • everythingoes clock
    • RUN OT7 Fence 
    • All Lunar pins
    • Pink Forever


      As always, please keep up with @happipop on Instagram for specific announcements and updates!

      Last updated January 21, 2022