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Pin Schedule

*TENTATIVE TIMELINE* - release plans can change due to delays with manufacturing, new additions, etc.

If a pin you are looking for is not in the schedule, it means it is either retired or there is no definitive decision on when it will restock yet.



     ☆ January 11 ☆

    • FaceTime: BS&T (NEW)
    • Serendipity Window V2 (NEW)
    • Everythingoes clock (NEW)
    • Lunar Jin: Epiphany restock
    • RUN OT7 Fence silver restock
    • Hotel Tear Keychain restock
    • Tear rap-line photocard set (donation sale)
    • Seconds/Super Seconds Mystery Bags (donation sale)


    ☆ February 16 ☆

    • 4 O’Clock Window, Joon, Tae restock
    • Leftover stock pins (Serendipity Window V2 seconds, etc.)
    • Seconds/Super Seconds Mystery Bags


    ☆ April 12 

    • BloomHeads Intro Series (NEW)
    • CQL WangXian Buns (p4p) (NEW)
    • Serendipity Window V2 (1/2 restock)
    • Seconds/Super Seconds Mystery Bags
    • Black Swan T-Shirt (pre-orders)
    • misc. seconds sale


    ☆ May/June/July 

    • Serendipity Window V2 (2/2 restock) [in production]
    • Lunar Bear Taehyung (NEW) [pre-production sample in progress]
    • RUN Butterfly Window (NEW) [in production]
    • Board fillers (NEW) [in production]
    • RUN Notepad wooden pin (NEW) [pre-production sample in progress]
    • TGCF Card (p4p) (NEW) [in production]
    • Lunar Bloom: Jimin (restock) [pre-production sample in progress]
    • Black Swan T-shirts (NEW) (in-stocks)
    • New vinyl stickers
    • Mono (everythingoes, badbye, moonchild) single earring  [pre-production sample in progress]


    ☆ July/August ☆

    • Hotel Tear Keychain restock
    • everythingoes clock pin restock
    • RUN OT7 Fence restock
    • Tokyo Post Its restock
    • Lunar Jin: Epiphany restock
    • Pink Forever restock
    • BloomHeads intro series restock
    • new stuff


    ☆ Future (indeterminate time-frame) restocks ☆

    • Joon & Sunflowers restock
    • BS&T Polaroid restock



      As always, please keep up with @happipop on Instagram for specific announcements and updates!

      Last updated April 6, 2020