⭐ Where are you located?

HAPPIPOP is based in Florida, USA!

⭐ Do you ship internationally?

Yes! I ship worldwide/anywhere that USPS currently allows.
Due to COVID-19, there are certain countries where mail service suspensions are in effect and shipping is unavailable. To view the current list of affected countries, click here.
Please note that any customs duties and import taxes subject to international orders are of the buyer's responsibility. All orders are marked as 'merchandise' and at full value.

⭐ How much is shipping?

  • Domestic (USA): $5.25+
  • International (Canada): $12.50+
  • International (All other countries): $15.50+

Shipping increases with additional items/weight.

All orders ship via USPS with tracking by default.

⭐ What shipping service do you use?

  • Domestic (USA): USPS
  • International: USPS/Pirate Ship's Simple Export Rate + Shipsurance* (Asendia USA)

*As of 2024, all international orders ship via Pirate Ship's Simple Export Rate with Shipsurance insurance.

What is your processing time?

1-4 business days under normal circumstances. But during events such as shop updates or sales, processing times may take up to 10 days due to a larger influx of orders that are received.

You will receive a shipping notification email when your order ships.

After being processed, orders are typically dropped off to USPS the next business day. Please allow at least 1-2 business days for tracking info to start updating past the pre-shipment phase!

 How long will it take for my order to arrive?

  • Domestic (USA): 2-7 business days after shipment
  • International: varies; up to 2-3 months after shipment

Transit times will depend on the efficiency of postal services. Due to COVID-19 and other factors (such as holidays, weather conditions, customs holds, etc.), please anticipate potential shipping delays.

All orders ship via USPS with tracking by default.

 How can I track my order?

You can find your tracking number and track your order via the link in your shipping notification from Shopify or Pirate Ship!


🌙 I placed multiple orders--can shipping be combined?

Yes, I combine any open, in-stock orders automatically under the following conditions:

  • 1. The orders are placed under the same store account/email address.
  • 2. The shipping address on both/all orders are the same.

If these 2 conditions are not met, please email me with your order numbers to combine. Any excess shipping costs are refunded after your orders have been packed and processed for shipment.* Orders cannot be combined if one has already been shipped.

You will receive a shipping notification email when your order ships.

*Please note that there is a separate transaction fee of at least $0.49 for each order that cannot be refunded when combining orders in addition to any additional shipping weight charges that are not covered with your first order! *Updated 2022 in accordance to PayPal's new fees*

🌙 Can I put my order on hold to be shipped later with a future order?

No sorry, orders holds for future order combining are not accepted.

*If you are ordering from a country with current USPS shipping suspensions, your order will be held until shipping is available again!

**If you live outside of the USA, you may request for your order to be held during the holiday season due to the higher rate of delivery issues/delays that occur around this time.

🌙 I made a mistake with my order! How can I fix it?

Please use the contact form on my website or email me directly at happipopservice@gmail.com ASAP. Address and item quantity issues cannot be fixed after your order has been shipped.

🌙 I didn't receive an order confirmation email after placing my order?

Please double check if you had entered in your email address incorrectly, and/or check spam mail. If you find that your email was incorrect, contact me through email or contact form with your order number and/or full name used for the order + your correct email details for it to be fixed.

🌙 What is your return policy?

Returns and exchanges are not accepted; all sales are final after shipment.

If there is an issue with your order (e.g. wrong item received), please contact me as soon as possible to resolve it!

🌙 My package says "delivered" but I didn't receive it? Help!

If your tracking number says your package was delivered but you didn't receive it, please try and check the following:

1. Your shipping address. Was the address you provided correct?
2. Check with housemates if they had picked up your mail, and check with neighbors in the case that USPS accidentally delivered to the wrong house.
3. If your package is not with your neighbors, please follow up with your local post office ASAP to check if they had mis-scanned your package or if there was another issue. If needed, you may open a missing mail claim with them.

This shop is neither responsible for delivery mishandlings nor stolen parcels after packages have been transferred into the hands of USPS.



 Do you offer package insurance?

Yes! As of August 2023, ALL domestic and international orders come with package insurance by default.

USA residents can change their shipping method at checkout to upgrade and include additional, third-party insurance (Shipsurance) for an extra layer of security.

 How does insurance protect my order? + DEADLINES

Purchasing insurance for your order financially protects your order in the event that your package is damaged or lost in the care of the postal service.

Should a delivery issue occur with your package and it is insured, a parcel claim can be filed for you to receive a full refund. Please contact me via email regarding this; claims must be reported and filed no later than the deadlines below.


  • Domestic (USA) (Carrier Insurance): 15-60 calendar days from the shipment date.

**For additional info, please visit the USPS website.

  • International (Shipsurance): 40-120 calendar days from the shipment date.

**Full carrier terms and conditions can be found here.

It is the buyer's responsibility to inform HAPPIPOP of any parcel issues in time as according to these policies and deadlines. We cannot help you if you allow time to elapse.



🌙 What is the difference between standard grade, b-grade, and seconds grade pins?

Due to the handmade nature of enamel pins, they will not be 100% perfect. Sometimes pin grades will be grouped together (e.g. "standard/b-grade") for looser grading and convenience. Each pin is inspected and graded according to the general criteria below:

  • STANDARD GRADE: Best pins in the batch! Minor to no flaws (can have minor scuffs, tiny specks, shallow enamel under-fill, etc.)
  • B-GRADE: Small flaws (small marks, enamel nicks, scratches, enamel under-fill, etc.)
  • C-GRADE/SECONDS GRADE: Flaws more visible than B-grades (enamel under-fill, enamel paint spills, small areas of missing enamel, wrong enamel color fill, discoloration, etc.). Not too major.
  • SUPER SECONDS: Obvious, major flaws, worse than regular seconds (large or multiple areas of missing enamel, very visible smudges/discoloration, major dirt marks, very wobbly back-posts, major polishing issues, etc.). Greatly discounted; usually only sold in mystery bags.

Pin grading is subjective. Pins will vary in flaws and may be more obvious than others. They are given at random within their respective grades; requests for "good" pins will not be honored. If you are worried about receiving a pin with more obvious flaws, please consider purchasing a standard quality/b-grade pin instead!

🌙 Will -insert pin here- restock?

Please see the Pin Schedule for a tentative timeline on restock/release plans!

🌙 How do I contact you?

For order and product related questions, you may either use the contact form on my website, or email me directly at happipopservice@gmail.com

Please allow 1-2 business days for a response! Urgent mails are typically replied to within 24 hours.

If you do not receive a needed response after 3 business days, please try emailing again (or nudging me on my socials) as your message may have been accidentally missed or sent to spam.

🌙 Photography

The majority of the vibrant, beautiful artwork that is used as the background in many of my product photos is by the artist Sugar Mints!

🌙 Germany - Verpackungsgesetz (LUCID Packaging Register)

HAPPIPOP is registered with LUCID in compliance with VerpackG. My Dual Licensing System partner is Activate by Reclay.

Most packaging used for my orders are of eco-friendly materials and/or reused--for more information, please see the Sustainability page.

Please remember to reuse and recycle when you can. Thank you!